Terms and Conditions

Use and Access Conditions
TRICANA’s ONLINE STORE is designed to the commercialization of TRICANA S.A. products and services, with head office at Av. Praia da Vitória, Nr. 48-A, 1050-184 Lisbon, VAT Number 500 278 741, and through this number registered in Lisbon’s “Conservatória do Registo Comercial”, from now on designated “TRICANA”.
Security and Privacy
TRICANA assures security, privacy and confidentiality of all personal data and other information, given by its customers in the register, purchase and/or payment moment at TRICANA’s ONLINE STORE. All data are reserved only to be used by TRICANA in the purchase and billing process.

If the customer does not oppose to it, all data provided by him can be used by TRICANA for promotional, advertisement and/or marketing purposes.

All these data will be treated by the computer system and saved in TRICANA’s database, duly registered in the National Commission of Data Protection.

All data necessary to do the payment and, as well as, its selection, are duly protected through data encryption, and only TRICANA has access to these contents.
Delivery Conditions
All the products bought at TRICANA’s ONLINE STORE can be delivered in any location of Continental Portugal. TRICANA will be responsible for the delivery of the products, duly arranged, in average time of 15 days after the purchase and confirmation of the respective payment.

The deliveries will occur from Monday to Friday between 9.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m., except on holidays, according to the following terms:

• Products’ Delivery: Deliveries will be made by TRICANA’s hired transport, on the date and hour agreed between the transportation company and the customer;

• If the customer cannot receive the order on the date previously scheduled, the transportation company  will leave a warning to the customer to, in a maximum of 5 days, contact TRICANA’s ONLINE STORE Customer Helpline - 808 919 919, to reschedule a new date and hour for the delivery;

• If the customer cannot receive the order in the new scheduled delivery, on the agreed date and hour, or if the customer does not reschedule a new delivery, the contract will be considered solved and the payment will be returned to the customer;

• To schedule or reschedule deliveries, the customer must contact TRICANA’s ONLINE STORE Customer Helpline – 808 919 919.
Delivery Expenses
The applicable delivery expenses are forecasted according to the scale in force. This scale will be available for consultation at TRICANA’s ONLINE STORE.

These expenses will be calculated according to the order´s total sum, and they are totally independent from the kind of delivery and the location, in Portugal, where the customer intends to receive the products.

Commercial Politic of Satisfaction and Return
In the 14 days after the products’ reception, the customer can solve the contract without any penalty or justification, according to the legal terms.

The customer must proceed to the products’ return accompanied by the original invoice.

The products must be delivered in the same conditions as they were received and with the original package.

The customer can return the global order or part of it at the moment of the delivery.

To return after the delivery, the customer must contact TRICANA’s ONLINE STORE Customer Helpline through the following contacts:

i) Customer Helpline: 808 919 919;

ii) Email: encomendas@tricana.pt

To return the products bought at TRICANA’s ONLINE STORE, in the terms and conditions forecasted in “Terms and Conditions”, TRICANA will reimburse the customer with the amount paid, in the maximum of 30 days after the return and through the same way of payment used by the customer at the purchase moment.

Prices and Products’ Availability
The products’ prices presented at www.tricana.pt are exclusive of TRICANA’s ONLINE STORE, and could differ from the prices practiced in the real TRICANA stores along Portuguese territory. The prices are available just for the announced date, being in force only to the purchase orders done and validated on that date.

The products presented in this website are limited to stock’s availability.

Payment Methods
To do the payment at TRICANA’s ONLINE STORE, the customer can use the following methods:

Bank Transfer, VISA and Mastercard.

Customer Support and After Sales Service
Any request of information, suggestion or claim should be directed to TRICANA’s ONLINE STORE through the following contacts:

- Email to: encomendas@tricana.pt;

- Registered letter to Customer  Support Department, Av. Praia da Vitória, Nº 48-A, 1050-184 Lisbon;

- Customer Helpline – 808 919 919, available from Monday to Friday between 9.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m.

TRICANA offers a wide range of products and assures their maximum quality.

The products presented at TRICANA’s ONLINE STORE have 2 years of warranty in the legal terms forecasted.

If any unconformity of TRICANA’s ONLINE STORE products is verified in the legal warranty period, the customer should warn TRICANA’s ONLINE STORE, through the same ways mentioned previously, and indicate the number of purchase order and the unconformity verified.