The Oldest Portuguese Shop Specialized in Tappestries


The Oldest Portuguese Shop Specialized in Tappestries

The story of Oriental Carpets is lost in the paths of History, mainly in the hunting tribes from the near mid-east.

The purpose of the carpet was simply to avoid the entering of cold. Only later, this object purely functional gained another purpose. The aim drawn from the association of decorative elements, which added value to what already had high worth from the utility perspective.

For Tricana, a carpet is much more than a simple decoration item. It is a piece of art with unique characteristics, through which is stated all the artisan’s skill, creativity and passion.

Did you know, for instance, that the use of natural dyes (based on plants, roots, fruits, leaves and berries, among others) on wool and silk is still one of the main secrets of the Persian tapestry art?

This ancestral technique, which has more than 2000 years, assures the longevity of the carpet and guaranties that the colours maintain the glow and splendour over time.